To become a member, you need to do three things in the following order:

Step 1: Join U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS)

$70.00 per Calendar Year. USMS is the national organizing body for all Masters swimmers in the United States. Registration with USMS is MANDATORY for every calendar year and serves as your liability insurance. It is required in order for you to practice with DCAC and to be eligible to compete in meets. Choose Potomac Valley as your LMSC and then DCAC as your club team. Included in your USMS membership is a calendar-year subscription to USMS's SWIMMER Magazine and The Swimmer's Ear newsletter published by our regional USMS Committee, Potomac Valley LMSC. USMS provides accident insurance to its members at team practices and at USMS-sanctioned events. Register online.

If you are new to DCAC and already USMS registered, please contact the Potomac Valley registrar to change your USMS team affiliation using this form if you intend to compete as a member of DCAC.

Step 2: Register with DCAC and Choose a Club Dues Structure

Register in our Club Assistant platform: DCAC registration form here. Note: Do not use this link if you have registered for DCAC in the past. Instead, email to request a link to reactivate your existing account. Once you complete the membership process, you will be asked to choose a club dues structure. Dues are paid up front and are non-refundable.  If you have questions or wish to cancel your membership, please email

Annual Pool Dues ($330.00/Year): If you choose this option, your credit card will be auto-charged every 12 months.  

Quarterly Pool Dues ($100.00/Quarter): If you choose this option, your credit card will be auto-charged every 3 months.

Monthly Pool Dues ($40.00/Monthly): If you choose this option, your credit card will be auto-charged every month.

10 Pak Swims for $125: If you choose this option, your credit card will be charged when you register and you'll be pre-paid for 10 DCAC practices.  Once you've used all 10 swims, you can purchase another by emailing and  10paks are only valid for the calendar year in which they are purchased; any unused swims at the end of the calendar year will be lost.  If you are are not prompted for this option, reach out to USMS and DPR fees still apply.  

Step 3: Register in DPR RecTrac System and purchase a DPR Masters Swim Membership

$50.00 for D.C. Residents, $62.50 for non D.C. Residents per calendar year (prorated cost visible during the checkout process).  Registration and purchase location here. All of our practice locations are equipped with a scanning process called RecTrac. If you are not registered in the system and have not purchased the DPR Masters Swim Membership, DPR will not allow you enter the pool. Once you are registered with DPR, select Memberships (Aquatics & Fitness) and then select DPR Masters Swim Membership.  


DCAC is committed to helping swimmers who face financial challenges. If you have a financial hardship and would be unable to participate at the regular dues rates above, please contact the Treasurer ( about reductions in dues based on financial hardship or if you are interested in the Under 30 Award. Pool dues may be reduced on an individual basis at the discretion of the Board. See our scholarship tab on the website.

Failure to register for USMS and DCAC and DPR prior to practice will result in you not being permitted to swim. If you wish to change your Pool Dues structure throughout the course of the year, you must contact the Membership Chair and Treasurer in advance. Please contact the Membership Chair ( and the Treasurer ( or any Board Member for more information.  The unlimited swim options (year/quarterly/monthly) all auto-renew.  You must email Treasurer and Membership if you wish to cancel your membership.