Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waiting list?

No! We are always looking for new swimmers to join us.

I haven't swam for years and I am out of shape. Will I fit in?

Yes! We will get you back into shape. Our workout lanes are set up so that you will swim with other people of similar abilities.  We recommend that you be comfortable swimming 150 yards freestyle without needing a break before attending a DCAC practice.  

I am not a member of the LGBT community. Can I still join?

Yes! We celebrate and welcome all gender identities, ethnicities & sexual identities

I want to learn how to swim. Do you provide adult swim lessons?

DCAC does not offer adult swim lessons. The D.C. Parks & Recreation Department has adult swim lessons you can sign up for.  We recommend that you be comfortable swimming 150 yards freestyle without stopping before attending a DCAC practice.  

Where do you swim and can I swim at multiple pools?

We swim in multiple pools throughout the D.C. metro area. See our Practice Schedule for our current active pools, and our Pool Directions page for info on locations. You can swim at any of our practices.  

What are the costs?

You can find the path to membership and the costs on our How to Join page.

Do I have to compete in meets?

No! Many of our members do not compete and swim with us for fitness, health and wellness. Don't be surprised if we suggest it on occasion though.

How often do I have to come to practice?

Most of our pool dues options allow for unlimited swimming within our schedule. There is no attendance requirement and you can come as often, or as little as you like.

Can I bring training gear to practices?

Yes, we welcome swim paddles, pull buoys, fins, kickboards and snorkels. A few of our training pools have pull buoys and kickboards on hand.  You can do all of our practices without training gear.  

What if I don't know how to swim all four competitive strokes?

DCAC's team of coaches will help you with technique and stroke correction to achieve your goals. We offer periodic stroke clinics focused on each individual stroke.  As above, you should be comfortable with freestyle at a minimum.  

What if I can't afford to join the team?

DCAC offers several types of financial assistance to assist in the cost of pool dues. See our Scholarships page.

Who can I contact with questions?

There is a list of contact emails on our Contact Us page.

Can I try the team out before I join?

Yes! See our Trial Swimmers page.

Who are the coaches?

We have a great team of coaches who will help you achieve your goals. See our Coaches page.

I want to compete. What swim meets do you go to?

We love to compete! We participate in many focus meets throughout the year, and usually have a handful of members attend most DMV-area meets.  We compete locally, nationally and internationally. Our big meet every year is the IGLA World Championships. Former locations for the Championships have been New York City, Paris, Miami, Edmonton, Stockholm, Cleveland, Seattle, Reykjavik, Honolulu, Melbourne and Cologne. Coming up in 2024 is Buenos Aires, and we are hosting IGLA in 2025!

I'm still nervous. 

Just grab your suit and come to practice. You'll be glad you did.